Meal Plan for Healthy Skin and Hair

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‘Beauty is only Skin-Deep’ may be a wise euphemism, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want glowing skin and lustrous hair. After all, healthy skin and hair are a reflection of inner well-being.’

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Wrapped around the muscles and flesh, it protects our insides from pathogens, dirt, pollution and a host of other factors that can cause serious harm. Like the rest of the body, the skin is made up mostly of water – about 70%. The rest of it is protein (25%) and fats and minerals (5%). 

Your skin is subject to wear and tear. It has a life cycle of about 6 weeks, which means, new cells are born, mature, and are shed off every month and a half. 

The skin also flushes out toxins and unwanted chemicals from the body. 

Summarily, the functions of the skin are:

  1. Protection: It acts as a barrier, protecting our body from environmental impact and microorganisms. 
  2. Regulation: It maintains the body temperature through sweat and hair and by piloerection, which is the technical term for goose bumps – the small bumps caused on the skin when cold.
  3. Sensation: A network of nerve cells in the skin helps us feel sensations such as touch, pain, pressure, heat, and cold. 
  4. Excretion and secretion: Through sweat, the skin helps the body eliminate urea and other toxins. Secretions like sebum keep the skin oil balanced and keep the natural microbiome of the skin in a healthy state.

Maintaining healthy skin and hair isn’t just about the products you apply externally; it’s deeply connected to what you eat and drink. A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients can significantly improve your complexion and hair health. Here’s a comprehensive meal plan for healthy skin and hair to help combat hair thinning, promote glowing skin, and provide anti-ageing benefits, thanks to its rich antioxidants.

Morning:  Start with a tall warm glass of water mixed with soaked chia seeds with a few leaves of mint followed by 5 soaked almonds + 1 walnut 

Breakfast:  2 Besan chela + green chutney + 1 cup tea/ coffee 30-60 mins after breakfast  

Mid-morning: 1 guava    

Lunch:  1/2 bowl of red, and yellow bell peppers + 1/2  bowl of any seasonal green leafy vegetable  + 1 bowl of any dal or chana + 2 small chapati OR 1/2 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of curd 

Post lunch: 1 glass of coconut water 

Evening Snack: Any 1 seasonal fruit + 150gm boiled sweet potato with 1/2 tsp ghee with chat masala + 1 cup of tea/ coffee 

Dinner : 1/2 bowl steamed tomato, beetroot, carrots + 2 bowls tofu pulao +  1/2 bowl raita 

Dessert: 1 piece of dark chocolate

Incorporating these foods into your daily meal plan can help you achieve glowing skin and healthy hair. Remember, the key is consistency and balance. Alongside this nutritious meal plan, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and getting enough sleep are crucial factors that contribute to your overall well-being. With time, you’ll notice your skin looking younger and more radiant, and your hair becoming thicker and more vibrant.

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