PCOS Management

An estimated 1 in 5 women in India suffer from PCOS.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that causes a hormonal imbalance in women of reproductive age. Each woman's PCOS symptoms are unique.

Some of the symptoms of PCOS are

  • Irregular or missed periods
  • Fertility struggles
  • Unwanted hair growth on face and body
  • Hair loss
  • Oily, Acne-prone skin
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Weight gain, specifically around the midsection

While there is no single cause for PCOS, there is a strong link between insulin resistance and the condition. While your genes play a role, your food choices & your lifestyle factors like being sedentary, high stress, alcohol consumption & smoking increase your chances of getting PCOS.

Diet & Lifestyle change is the first line of treatment. It’s been proven that women who are overweight can improve their symptoms by managing their weight and improving their body composition.

In this program we’ll focus on the 4 pillars of good health: Nutrition, Exercise, Rest & Mental Wellbeing.

Here's how we'll work

Step 1: Once you register, you will be redirected to a questionnaire. Kindly fill that questionnaire to get started (Please do not close the page immediately after booking). If you miss the redirected page, you will also be sent an email with the necessary links. Based on your chosen slot you will receive a link for a 30-minute video consultation with me.

Step 2: You will get your personalised PCOS plan in 2-3 working days. Your plan includes meal guidelines, PCOS friendly recipes, workout plan, best practices & supplement recommendations.

Step 3: We will connect once every week for a 15 minute review call. I am also available to you on WhatsApp and email during office hours, should you have any concerns or queries.

If you still have any questions or need clarification regarding the program, CLICK HERE to book a Discovery call with me or reach out to us on [email protected]

Note: I have a no refund policy. Your plan starts once you receive your initial meal plan and continues for 12 weeks. You can pause your plan for a week in case of some interruption to your schedule. A maximum of 2 pauses are allowed during the program.


PCOS Management


Sample Meals

All meal plans are designed keeping your time and resources in mind. Meal plans are flexible and cater to your cultural and dietary preferences. Eg: veg, non-veg, vegan, pescatarian, North Indian, South Indian, etc.


The experience has been nothing short of life-changing. I have PCOS, and my period had been absent for five months. From the very first call, Mohita opened my eyes… I learned that the major cause of my hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and acne was actually related to my stress and anxiety levels. Over the past 10 weeks, I've seen such a transformation, not just in my physical appearance, but most importantly, in how I feel inside. My skin is glowing, and I rarely have breakouts anymore. Before, I used to wake up with inflamed and painful acne every morning, but that's no longer the case. My hair feels luscious, and my mood has improved so much. I'm finally getting into a consistent routine, and I'm feeling so much better about myself. Her approach is sustainable. I'm thrilled that I can still enjoy food while staying on track.
Samriddhi Balasubramaniam
Appreciate all of Mohitas hard work & efforts - she’s truly amazing!
Mrinalini Jaisinghani
I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in me, both mentally as well as physically since coming on the program. I’m so happy with the results, it’s overwhelming. Being able to lose weight after having PCOS was quite surprising to me. It’s all possible because of Mohita. This has been my smartest investment.
Prerna Mathur
I had been struggling with irregular periods for years, but have seen drastic improvements in my cycle ever since I joined Mohita’s program. What Mohita suggests is a lifestyle change where you don’t eliminate the foods that bring you comfort, you simply learn to have them in moderation. I feel fit and healthy like never before.
Mallika Bhambri
I’ve lost 11 kgs on Mohita’s program and haven’t put on any weight in the lockdown. Yay! The best part is that my periods are fairly regular. I’ve even stopped my medication, all thanks to Mohita. Even my doc was surprised.
Dipti Kamra
Having suffered from PCOS for a very long time, I tried several diets, but to no avail. I was going on 6 months straight without a period when I started on the program, and then boom, in the second month of the program, I got my period. And then again in the third. My body is enjoying the process, my skin is glowing & I’m getting a lot of compliments. I have also lost 5 kilos.
Neha G.
I was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor asked me to lose weight. Mohita Ma’am helped me lose 31 kilos with simple home food. My sugar is now under control.
Vaishali Parekh


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